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Hourly Prices & Maintenance!

What We Can Do

Regular website maintenance is crucial to achieving and maintaining online health and success. We enjoy having long term relationships with our clients, and are therefore committed to maintaining your website after the initial website design is completed.

We also offer website maintenance to clients that have not contracted us to design their sites. On some occasions, we may suggest a site re-design, but we can also “take the ball and run” with the site design you currently have.

Monthly Maintenance Contracts

Mithikode offers website maintenance contracts for your convenience and to reduce the overall costs of maintaining your site. However, if you change your site infrequently, we can also do maintenance on your site at an hourly rate. It’s like having your very own technical support person!

Quick & Small Changes

For small website changes, clients simply send us an email with a description of the changes. No change is too small! If the changes are minor, we can usually have the updates completed within hours or just a day after receiving the email. We guarantee a 24h time to confirm your website request.

What Does It Cost

Our basic maintenance charge is £45.00 per hour for website maintenance, the same fee we charge for website design & website developing. However, maintenance contracts can reduce this charge up to 40%! We bill in 25 minute increments with a 25 minute minimum.

We offer website maintenance plans to provide regular website updates to your website. We have devised these packages to assist our clients with making website updates.

These plans enable our clients to update and refresh their sites without having to hire or train a staff employee in website design techniques. We also offer custom web maintenance plans to best fit your business needs.

Non Contracts Maintenance Rates

Additional Web Maintenance for clients that are not currently under contract will fall under the following rates:

Basic website maintenance: £45/hour

Flash/Graphic design: £45/hour

Copyright and text/image editing: £55/hour

Database editing: £55/hour

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