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What can Mithikode® do for you?

The company Mithikode® look after small and medium sized businesses, offering a range of IT Support packages to suit the IT needs of your business.

Flexible IT Support Package – purchase a number of calls over a 12-month period, perfect for smaller businesses wanting to closely monitor their spending

Standard IT Support – ideal for businesses who want IT support without the cost of an in-house IT department, we offer Platinum package.

Pay On Call service – pay for your IT support as and when you need it (we charge on an hourly basis for this service)

IT Support Services:

Pay On Call
Domain Name Selection      
Web Pages Upto Five Pages Upto Ten Pages Upto Fifteen Pages
Email Addresses Upto Five Emails Upto Ten Emails Upto Fifteen Emails
Submission To Google      
Social Networks      
Contact Form      
Signup Form      
Submission To Yahoo And Bing      
SEO Keyword Report And Analysis      
Price £ 800 £ 1000 Ask For Quote

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